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A common problem in the event world is touched events. While we are unable to legitimately reduce the experience or level of a Pokémon, Effort Values (EV) can be reduced. To reduce Effort Values, you just have to give the Pokémon a specific berry. The table below shows which berry reduces which Effort Value.

 #21 Pomeg Berry #22 Kelpsy Berry #23 Qualot Berry #24 Hondew Berry #25 Grepa Berry #26 Tamato Berry
Effort Value Berry
HP #21 Pomeg Berry
ATTACK #22 Kelpsy Berry
DEFENSE #23 Qualot Berry
SP. ATTACK #24 Hondew Berry
SP. DEFENSE #25 Grepa Berry
SPEED #26 Tamato Berry

By: yankeesrule3526
Version: 1.01
Last Updated: 9/16/09