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Have you ever been told that all Korean Pokémon are hacked? Have you ever heard they are legit? Who is right? Well now, the truth will be revealed.

Pocket Monsters DP DiarugaPocket Monsters DP PeolgiaPocket Monsters Pt Giratina

Korean Pokémon can only be caught or received on Korean versions of Pokémon. You can not trade with a Korean game to an international version. The only way it can be done is with a flash cart. The Pokémon must be traded to a Korean version of Pokémon on the flash cart. Then, you can load the save file into a save file editor and save the Pokémon to your computer. You can then load the Pokémon file into the save file editor and onto any version of Pokémon you want, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. Once that has been done, the Korean Pokémon can then be traded between international versions of the games.

By normal means, you cannot trade to or from a Korean version to any other version. When Diamond and Pearl came out, it was decided not to attempt to incorporate Korean into the previous six languages (Japanese, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish). Instead, Korean was built as its own stand alone language, given linguistic challenges that would emerge from adding a language as complex as Korean. The data for Korean characters replaces those of multiple languages, effectively locking the game out of visual compatibility. Without previous games (from the third generation), many events in Korea have been designed to replace the need for using Pal Park. Because of this, Korean was not incorporated into Diamond and Pearl. When you transfer a legit Korean Pokémon to Diamond and Pearl, the OT and nickname do not show up and are empty spaces. When Platinum came out, Korea did have Diamond and Pearl. It would appear that they tried to incorporate Korean into Platinum, but the language may have been too big and they just gave up. When you transfer a legit Korean Pokémon to Platinum, the OT and nickname show up as question marks.

The question of whether or not these Pokémon are hacked or not isn't a question of whether it can be done or not, it is a question of your idea of hacked or legit. The definition of a hacked Pokémon is something created from scratch or edited. Technically speaking, if the save file editor you use copies the information of a Korean Pokémon completely and 100% accurate, it is legit. If the save file editor is somehow corrupt and doesn"t copy the information accurately, the Pokémon is hacked. If you believe that save file editors accurately save and transfer the Pokémon, then you believe that they are legit. If you believe that save file editors do not, then you believe that any Pokémon saved to a computer and uploaded to another game is hacked.

So the next time someone says that all Korean Pokémon are hacked, be sure to tell them the truth about Korean Pokémon and that it is only an opinion, not a fact.

By: yankeesrule3526
Version: 1.21
Last Updated: 7/2/09