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Pokémon Terms

Action Replay - also known as AR; a cheat device made by Datel used to change the way video games are played
B/W - the initials of the 5th gen of Pokémon; Black and White
Bryant Park (BP) - an event held in Bryant Park, New York on the Journey Across America tour
Clone - using a cheat device or the GTS glitch, a user copies a Pokémon so that there are 2 identical copies of the same Pokémon
Country - the place or region a Pokémon was caught
D/C - Disconnect
D/P/P - the initials of the 4th gen of Pokémon; Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
DL - Download
DS (NDS) - Nintendo Dual Screen
DSi - the new DS from Nintendo featuring two cameras
Effort Values - also known as EVs; the numbers that are determined by battling certain Pokémon or from vitamins and calculate the stats of a Pokémon
ENG - English
Flash Cart (Flash Card) - a device used to play homebrew games and media on the DS
FRA - France; French
FT - for trade
G/S/C - the initials of the second gen of Pokémon; Gold, Silver, and Crystal
GER - Germany; German
GF - GameFAQs; Gamefreak
GS - GameSpot; Gamestop
GU - Gold Ursaring; one of the most famous event collectors and wrote the Event Guide on GameFAQs
Hacked - a Pokémon that has been created by means that are not normal
Hex - a type of number system (16 characters); used to determine Pokémon hacks
Individual Values - also known as IVs; the numbers that are pre-determined and calculate the stats of a Pokémon
IP - a network address assigned to a computer
ITA - Italy; Italian
JPN - Japan; Japanese
KOR - Korea; Korean
Leecher - someone who is downloading a file but not uploading/seeding afterwards
Legal - see Semi-Legit
Legitimate - also known as legit; a Pokémon that was not created with any external devices or programs
LF - Looking For
LVL (lvl) - the Level of a Pokémon
N00b (noob) - Someone who is bad at gaming, or portrays themself as pro but is not
Neo - Neoseeker; a site commonly used to trade Pokémon
Newbie - Someone who is new to gaming, often mistaken with noob
NFT - Not For Trade; a Pokémon that a user will not trade to anyone
NoA - Nintendo of America
NoK - Nintendo of Korea
Nub - see n00b
NWS - Nintendo World Store
Official Trainer - also known as OT; the name of the person who caught the Pokémon
OHKO - One Hit Knock Out; a move that makes a Pokemon faint in one move
PC - Pokémon Center; PokéCommunity
PCNY - Pokémon Center New York that is now on the second floor of the Nintendo World Store
Pokesav - a program used to hack Pokémon games
Pokémon Battle Revolution - also known as PBR; the first Pokémon Wii game taking place in Pokétopia
pkm (.pkm) - a file type for saving individual Pokémon files
R/B/G - the initials of the 1st gen of Pokémon in Japan; Red, Blue, and Green
R/B/Y - the initials of the 1st gen of Pokémon; Red, Blue, and Yellow
R/S/E - the initials of the 3rd gen of Pokémon; Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
RMD - Rate My Deck
RMT - Rate My Team
RPG - Role Playing Game
Secret ID - the hidden number of the trainer who caught the Pokémon
Semi-Legit - a Pokémon that may have been created with an external device or program, but appears legitimate
Secure Hex Checker (SHC) - developed by stefanol, a Pokémon event hex checker that checked the trash bytes of Pokémon
SPA - Spain; Spanish
TCG - Trading Card Game
Touched - a Pokémon that has been changed since being received with experience, moveset, or other condition
TPCi - The Pokémon Company International
Trainer ID - the number of the trainer who caught the Pokémon
TRU - Toys"R"Us; a kids toy store where most US Pokémon events are held
UK - United Kingdom
Untouched - a Pokémon that has not been changed in any way with experience, moveset or other condition
Wonder Card - 1. the message that comes with an event item/Pokémon; 2. the nickname given to a Pokémon received from a "hacked" Wonder Card

If you have a question about a word/phrase or want to suggest some more terms to add to the list, email the support team.