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Secure PKM Reader

Screenshot of Secure PKM Reader

Secure PKM Reader is a program that reads a PKM file and then displays the information about the Pokémon. It displays everything from OTs to Ribbons and can also display all languages for OTs and nicknames that Pokémon games are available in.

There is a built in link to run Secure PKM Namer, if you have it installed on your computer. You can save some of the more commonly asked for information of the Pokémon as text or maybe you just want to view the hex of the file. Either way, Secure PKM Reader can do it!

If you have any problems or receive errors, please visit the error page for help on known issues. If your problem is not listed, PM darksteel88.

The current version of the program is: 1.00

Download Now
(Right Click, Save Link/Target As)